Frequently Asked Questions

Total Value Staked: -
Price: 1 TRX = - BRRR
Marketcap: $-
Money printer no go BRRR

BRRR is a unique yield token project with a gaming element. BRRR is earned by staking LP tokens in one of our pools. BRRR token holders are able to vote to make their BRRR money printer go faster or slower. Money printer go BRRR!

BRRR is NOT an investment - BRRR is a money printing game for entertainment purposes only!

You can obtain BRRR in a variety of ways including:

  1. Mine BRRR in one of our supported pools
  2. Buy and Sell BRRR on JustSwap - Buy Now
  3. Earn free BRRR by creating images for shill kit - More Info

You can get a BRRR/TRX LP token by following these steps:

  1. Get some TRX from a faucet site or buy some on an exchange
  2. Get some BRRR from - Get BRRR
  3. Add some BRRR and TRX to the liquidity pool (LP)- Get BRRR/TRX LP

Once you have obtained your BRRR/TRX LP token, you can go to the BRRR/TRX Pools Page and follow these steps:

  1. Click the 'Allow the pool to interact with your LP tokens'' button and click the 'Accept' button that comes up in Tronlink wallet.

  2. Click the 'Stake' button and click the 'Accept' button that comes up in Tronlink stake your LP tokens

  3. Earn BRRR while your BRRR/TRX LP tokens are staked

If you would like to join one of the pools, you must use one of the following supported wallets:

If you are only looking to receive your free BRRR, any tron wallet will work.

Tronlink Wallet is only required for staking in the pools. We are also working on adding support for mobile wallets and other Tron wallets.

If you're using TronLink mobile works if you go to "Me > Advanced Features > DApp Browser" and enter the address

We suggest that you use any of the approved TRON wallets listed at and use the address that is generated in your wallet app.

You can also generate a TRON paper wallet to hold your BRRR and TRX at

if you are planning on joining any of our pools, you must use the Tronlink Wallet - Get Tronlink

You can obtain some free Tron (TRX) from a site called a 'faucet'. You can find a list of TRX faucet sites at

The pool payout rate (BRRR Per LP) is determined by a number of factors including your share of the pool and the current rewardRate. The formula to determine pool payouts is:

(lastTimeRewardApplicable - lastUpdateTime) * rewardRate * 10^18 / totalSupply

lastTimeRewardApplicable is the last time the user got their reward out

totalSupply is the current minted reward for this period

rewardRate is what pool users vote on to raise, pause, or lower the printing

Users who stake their LP tokens in our pools get to use the goBRRRnance features to vote on if they want their make their pool money printer go faster or slower. Every 48 hours the pool rewardRate adjusts up or down based on how the pool has voted.